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【會廊】感謝空大吳英明校長為美麗島會廊撰寫一首歌曲-Forever Formosa

To Light Upon A City Rare
Uncover Beauty Unseen Elsewhere
Satisfy Hunger For Warmth And Intimacy
Then Set Your Sails For Democracy
The Kaohsiung Encounter Is Harmony -
Where Happiness Savors The Intimacy
Of City And Democracy
Civic Pride Beams With Friendly Familiarity
With This One-Of-A-Kind Persona
We Can Not Help But Say Formosa

If You Look Into Taiwan’s heart
You’ll Be Stunned By Exquisite Beauty
If People Want To Say, “Beautiful”
They Say, “Bonita”
When People Want To Say, “Very Beautiful”
They Say, “Linda”
But If You Want To Say, “Beautiful To Perfection”
You Utter: “ Formosa”

When City And Democracy Genuinely Embrace
You Always Say, “ Formosa”
Oh, Formosa Taiwan
Oh, Formosa Kaohsiung
Oh, Formosa Democracy
Formosa ‘Til The End Of Time
Child Of The City And Democracy

Written By Dr. Tim Eing-Ming Wu & Revised by Dr. David Nedd on 17. April, 2010
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